1. Saturday, November 30, 2013

    Iris van Herpen Dresses

    iris-van-herpen Micro_blog

    Micro by Iris van Herpen, in collaboration with Isaie Bloch

    Iris Vav Herpen Skeleton_blog

    Skeleton by Iris van Herpen, in collaboration with Isaie Bloch

    Iris Van Herpen Escapism_blog

    Escapism by Iris van Herpen

    Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is pushing the boundaries of haute couture through the use of new technologies. She combines innovative technology and unconventional materials such as synthetic boat rigging, processed leather sorts and the whalebones of children’s umbrellas to create visually stunning outfits.

  2. Tuesday, May 07, 2013

    BC 5×3



    BC 5×3 at the Seymour Art Gallery is my second solo photography show.  It is a collection of photographs taken while traveling through British Columbia: Tofino, Merritt, Bella Coola, Vancouver, and Mount Seymour in North Vancouver. There are five groups of three images, and each triplet is distinct due to place, time of day, and the colour palette of the area. These groupings explore emotive environments, intense colour fields, textures, and multiple possible readings afforded by abstraction.