Wednesday, August 17, 2011

“Atmospheres” Photography Exhibition








These are several images from my first solo photography exhibition, Atmospheres, at the Artemis Gallery in North Vancouver.

Artist’s Statement:

Atmospheres is an exploration of light, object and shadow in a frozen moment of time – elements that define photography itself. The images of this exhibition are the product of ice slabs I created, some embedded with objects that become mysterious forms in blocks of ice. I used a variety of light sources to illuminate these transient pieces in order to achieve the serene, abstract environments that are captured by the photographs.


My process of producing a final image includes the investigation of macro and micro views within my base photos to experiment with the effects of scale. Used as a tool for manipulating colour and contrast, the computer also facilitates my exploration of the mood within the image, and allows me to delve deep into aspects of abstraction and emotive space – the universe in my icebox.




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