Montreal Kitchen Renovation

The existing kitchen of this 1930's home was lacking space and natural light. The design of the new kitchen addresses these problems. To start, the narrow doorway between the sunroom and kitchen was enlarged to incorporate the sunroom into the kitchen space. Within the kitchen, the existing pantry was demolished and the refrigerator was set partially inside the neighbouring bathroom closet to provide more space for the kitchen. The existing window opening above the sink was enlarged and the existing pantry window opening was altered so that it flares into the kitchen. This window is incorporated into the floor-to-ceiling birch cabinetry that lines one wall of the kitchen. Standing on its own near the kitchen entry is a cabinetry unit which in addition to providing extra storage space also includes a narrow broom closet. The differing shades of wood used for this piece reference the shades of wood that are found in the hardwood floors throughout the house.